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(1) USB C built in outlet (will be installed on the side of the turner)


Maximum one built in outlet to a single, double or four cup turner. Maximum two built in outlets to six and ten cup turners.


  • 4.8 A charging capacity, charging Type C and type A two USB devices simultaneously without adapters. USB Type C can not charge laptop, as it is not a PD port.
  • Two High-tech “Smart” USB ports precisely read the power need and deliver optimum power charge accordingly
  • Max. 2.4A per USB port charge your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android, tablets, and much more without the need of power adapters
  • UL Listed. Compatible with USB 1.1/2.1/3.0 devices.
  • Automatic Temperature Protection less than 130 °F. When the temperature is greater than 130 °F, the outlet will automatically stop working until the internal temperature of the outlet returns to below 130 °F, it will automatically resume operation.
  • USB type c wall outlet Tamper-Resistant the security mechanism within the outlet, usb c outlet wall for when a single tool inserted, play a role in helping to lock. Unless a double plug is inserted at the same time. this feature can prevent unnecessary insertion, for people in the use of improved security.

USB C Built In Outlet

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