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This is a replacement motor for the Make It Sparkle Turners by Kalia Tyler Designs LLC tumbler turner products.


Motors purchased from us will come with the quick disconnect spade terminals already connected. Simply unscrew the four screws from the motor to be removed, pull motor out and pull the spade terminals apart. Then, plug the new motor spade terminals into place and replace the four screws to secure the motor to the unit.


Watch our video for additional guidance on changing out our tumbler turner motors.


Available in two speeds:


50/60Hz AC100~127V CCW/CW 2.5-3RPM 4W (slower motor)


50/60Hz AC 100~127V CCW/CW 5-6RPM 4W (faster motor)

Replacement Synchronous Motors for Tumbler Turners

  • Estimated shipping time is 7-10 business days

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