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This listing is for (1) 3D printed  turner arm for the 64oz HOGG dog water bowl. This arm will only fit the HOGG 64oz dog water bowl. We cannot guarantee this arm to fit any other brand or size tumbler/dog bowl.


PLEASE NOTE: This arm is very large and very heavy!! We had not originally designed our turners to be able to accomodate such a large item. We just have since revised our turners to allow for this bowl to fit. If you purchased your turner PRIOR to 12/1/2020, the bowl will not fit on your Make It Sparkle Turner. Also, you may notice some strain on your motor as it is turning due to the weight of the bowl. The slower motors may struggle more than our faster motors.


Our screw on arms will fit any turner currently setup for 1/2" or 3/4" PVC pipe arms. The slip fit arm design is specifically designed for use with our Make It Sparkle Turners with the slip fit upgrade ONLY. Slip fit arms will not work with our standard screw on female adapters. 


Our arms arrive fully assembled as shown in the photos. This listing includes (1) 3d printed cup inserts, PVC pipe, rubber tape, and pvc male adapter. All pieces are screwed into place so hold your cups straight on your turners.


Tumbler turner is not included in this listing


3d print colors are not guaranteed and may vary from photos


  • All sales are final

  • Estimated shipping time is 10-15 business days

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