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The Make It Sparkle Turner by Kalia Tyler Designs LLC is the ultimate tumbler turner for the ultimate crafter!

Our turners can be customized to meet your needs! Would you like to add something you don't see listed to make your turner uniquely yours? Let us know! We're happy to accommodate. If it's possible, we can do it!



Overall outside dimensions 26 1/4 X 24 1/4 X 11 1/2"

Our turners feature:


• Unit is shipped fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box

• A solid structure that will never tip over while your tumblers are turning. Made with 3/4" finger-jointed Aspen wood, stained by hand in the customer’s choice of 20 stain colors

• Lightweight hinged 1/4" LEXAN cover with latches to fully enclose the unit, and keep your tumblers safe from dust, pet hair, and other particles in the air


• Two locking hinges to keep the cover in a stable and sturdy position while working


• Front flap of the cover opens and folds back to allow for more room while working on tumblers, to allow for a space heater to be placed in front of the unit, or to check on tumblers without having to lift the entire lid


• Brushed nickel handle on the front of the cover for easy lifting and lowering

• Drying racks equal to the number of turners (single turner = 1 drying rack; double turner = 2 drying racks; 4 cup turner = 4 drying racks, etc.)

• Independent synchronous motors in the customer’s choice of 2.5 - 3.5 RPM (slower speed) or 5-6RPM (faster speed)

• Quick disconnect spade terminals on the motor wiring make changing out motors a quick and easy 5-minute task

• Four adjustable feet on the bottom to keep your tumbler unit level

Four Cup Split Cover Turner with Heat Package

  • The heating package includes:

    (4) cooling fans, (2) 60 watt heat lamp bulbs, (2) thermometers, (2) four hour timer switch, and (2) switches for the exterior fans.

    The cooling fans on the back of the turner will be run on a switch type matching what you chose for your motors. The heat lamps and internal cooling fans with be run on the same four hour timer switch.



    * Bulbs will get very hot! Do not touch the heat lamp bulbs while they are on or within 15 minutes of turning them off.


    * The heat lamp bulbs and internal cooling fans will be wired to a four hour timer switch. This is done for safety. Running the heat lamp bulbs for more than four consecutive hours is not recommended.


    * Only 60 watt heat lamp bulbs should be used. Using stronger bulbs may result in damage to the turner or cause fire.


    * Heating elements are designed to increase the inside temperature of the turner. However, we are unable to guarantee an exact temperature that your turner will warm to, as individual environmental factors will affect the outcome.


    * Heating elements should never be left on unsupervised. Keeping a fire extinguisher near by is always recommended.


    * If there is any evidence of overheating, scorching, or smell of burning or fire, immediately turn off and unplug the tumbler turner.

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