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This listing is for 1/8" thick clear OR white sets of (5), (10), (25), (50) or (100) laser cut acrylic blank keychain size pieces. 
Acrylic blanks may be purchased with or without a 0.15" hole for keychain hardware. 
These versatile pieces are great for painting, glittering, applying vinyl, sublimation, epoxying and more! 
Acrylic pieces can be created into a multitude of finished products, including keychains, ornaments, luggage tags, and backpack tags (the sky is the limit!).
Pieces will all arrive with a paper masking protecting both the front and the back (as shown in listing photos). These MUST be removed prior to being decorated. 
At this time, we do not offer an SVG file with our acrylic blank pieces. 

Airplane Acrylic Blank

  • Estimated shipping on acrylic blank pieces is 3-5 business days

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