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(1) Add on heating element for the Make It Sparkle Turners six cup turner with split Lexan cover. This package includes (4) cooling fans, (2) 60 watt heat lamp bulbs, (2) thermometers, (2) four hour timer switch, and (2) switches.


The cooling fans on the back of the turner will be run on a switch type matching what you chose for your motors. The heat lamps and internal cooling fans with be run on the same four hour timer switch.


We've tried many epoxy brands with our heat package but have found the best results with Tumblerpoxy 2.0. We recommend pre-heating your cups for 30 minutes prior to applying the epoxy. This fast set product can be a little thick prior to application but if your tumblers are warm it will melt like butter within seconds of applying to the tumbler. The heat helps prevent bubbles and ensures a smooth glass finish which is dry to touch in 1-2 hours. You can purchase tumblerpoxy here:




* Bulbs will get very hot! Do not touch the heat lamp bulbs while they are on or within 15 minutes of turning them off.


* The heat lamp bulbs and internal cooling fans will be wired to a four hour timer switch. This is done for safety. Running the heat lamp bulbs for more than four consecutive hours is not recommended.


* Only 60 watt heat lamp bulbs should be used. Using stronger bulbs may result in damage to the turner or cause fire.


* Heating elements are designed to increase the inside temperature of the turner. However, we are unable to guarantee an exact temperature that your turner will warm to, as individual environmental factors will affect the outcome.


* Heating elements should never be left on unsupervised. Keeping a fire extinguisher near by is always recommended.


* If there is any evidence of overheating, scorching, or smell of burning or fire, immediately turn off and unplug the tumbler turner.

Heating Element Package - Four Cup & Six Cup SPLIT COVER Turners

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